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Capture a photo instantly and save it into an image file
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TV Jukebox 3.0 uses the terrestrial TV technology to take you into a new digital TV frontier. It provides the useful functions for you to enjoy the high definition of the digital TV, for example: schedule recording, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), time-shift playing and remote controller.

Main features:

- Receiving the Digital TV channels: Use the digital TV tuner device to receive digital TV program on computer. You may watch TV, recording programs and make a schedule to do recording without missing a TV program.
- Snapshot Photo and Video Recording: Capture a photo instantly and save it into an image file; record the TV program into a MPEG move file. The MPEG-2 encoder and decoder engine allows you to compress a video into a MPEG-2 file or decompress a MEPG-2 file for playing back.
- Time-Shift: While you are watching TV and need to walk away for a few minutes, it is a good time to use Time-Shift function. After you press on the Time-Shift button, the video screen become still but the TV program is saved into your hard disk. To resume the video screen, press on the Play button. You may use Pause button and the Slider to control the position of Time-Shift.
- Remote controller: Use the remote controller to select TV channel and control other function, it is like using a TV remote controller


- Pentium III 1G MMX CPU or above
- 128MB system memory or above
- 800x600 VGA display screen or above
- Microsoft Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4) or Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or 2)
- Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or above
- It is recommended to have at least 4GB of available hard disk space to keep video or photo files.

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